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Fact Sheet: Combining care work and paid work
January 18, 2015
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Issues related to combining paid work and caregiving are explored in a new Fact Sheet developed by Dr. Janet Fast, University of Alberta, Dr. Donna Lero, CFWW; Richared deMarco (Employment and Social Development Canada) and Heloisa Ferriera and Jacquie Eales (both University of Alberta).  Analyses of 2012 Canadian General Social Survey Data reveal that in 2011-2012 caregivers made up 30% of the workforce. In fact, there are over 5.6 million employed caregivers aged 19-70 in Canada, and most work full-time. Understanding how caregiving threatens caregivers’ employment and economic security and escalates employers’ costs related to absenteeism and reduced productivity is crucial for informing Canadian strategies and policies aimed at reducing avoidable employer costs.